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So you want to be a pilot?

Welcome to Yarnell Aviation

Congratulations!  Becoming a pilot will make you a member of an elite, yet varied and widespread, group of people.   As of 2004, there were about 236,000 private pilots in the United States – out of almost 295,000,000 people!  Pilots get to do something that most people only get to experience through a head-sized window – with no idea how it all works.  Flying has been described as something that gets into your soul.  As Leonardo Da Vinci said – “For once you have tasted flight, you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return.”  It is freedom, accomplishment, adventure, and technology – all rolled into one.  The best news?  The training is considered by most to be the BEST part. 

You can become a pilot, or you can become a better, more proficient, and confident pilot with Yarnell Aviation!

There is a new era of flight training upon us today.  New equipment, material, and training techniques are ushering in a new breed of pilot.  Pilots who need the proficiency to fly behind a full-blown glass cockpit or a two-seat trainer.  Whether you’re a brand new student, advancing pilot, or in need of recurrent training, let Yarnell Aviation take you to the highest levels of confidence and proficiency. 

You deserve to fly with confidence and precision, and your training is the first step towards meeting your goals. 

I’ve been flying in southern California since 1980, and have gained invaluable experience flying in one of the most active and varied pilot communities in the country.  Although this is a complex and high density area, it is by no means dangerous, as long as you are knowledgeable and prepared. The best part of learning to fly here in So Cal - "if you can fly here, you can fly ANYWHERE!" 

That’s a promise.